In 2009, Chelsea Handler and her longtime collaborator – and Chelsea Lately Executive Producer – Tom Brunelle, formed Borderline Amazing Productions.  Technically the company doesn’t have a formal mission statement, but if it did, it would most likely be something like: “We will produce funny stuff that we can put on television… and maybe eventually on movie screens.”  In 2011, the company signed a first-look deal with NBC Universal. 

Currently, the company has a ton of stuff in various stages of development at a variety of networks.  If you don’t believe us, call our agents at CAA.  That’s also our not-so-subtle way of saying, “If you have an idea, contact CAA first because we don’t accept unsolicited submissions for legal reasons.”  Please respect that – it’s not a personal affront.      

Thanks for your interest and definitely stay tuned.  And remember… it’s always a great day at Borderline Amazing Productions!