Reviewed: Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara Seriously Lifts Lashes (2024)

We put the Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumizing Mascara to the test after receiving a complimentary sample from the brand. Keep reading for our full product review.

I've always been a big mascara girl. I think it comes down to how instantly gratifying it is to apply—one swipe and I’m feeling good, three swipes and I’m feeling great. It’s also easier to find a good mascara than it is to find something like foundation or concealer (and too many of us know that can take years).

Today’s subject is none other than the Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumizing Mascara. While not as famous as its cousin They’re Real, it’s still very worthy of a place in your makeup kit, especially if you prefer a weightless formula that still has all the perks of a good mascara. To help you decide if it’s right, I committed to testing the mascara the last few weeks, and compiled my thoughts below.It’s a tough gig, but someone's got to do it.Keep scrolling for the review.

Benefit Bad Gal Bang Volumizing Mascara

Best for: All lashes

Uses: A volumizing mascara that separates and defines while adding lightweight lift.

Potential allergens: Beeswax and phenoxyethanol

Price: $26

About the brand: Benefit Cosmetics is an American beauty brand originally founded in 1976 by twin sisters and makeup artists Jean and Jane Ford. The brand is now known for leading the brow category, as well as iconic complexion franchises including the Porefessional primer.

About My Lashes: Long but blonde

I’ve actually got quite long eyelashes, but they’re blonde at the tips, so they don’t really have that wow factor without mascara.When it comes to mascara preference, I like clean length and definition with just a little volume—something dramatic but not too heavy or fake-looking. Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara does market itself as a bold lash look, so I was interested to see how it fared.

The Shades: Lots of pigment

Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara comes in both blue and black. For the purpose of this review I tried the black iteration, and was pretty impressed. It was really rich and inky, plus it had a matte finish (no lacquered look, like some other mascaras).While I have yet to try blue, I highly recommend it to anyone with blue eyes, or those who want to make their whites look really clear (think juice-cleanse clear).

How to Apply: More is more

Reviewed: Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara Seriously Lifts Lashes (1)

Mascara is a personal journey, but I love to layer a minimum of four coats to really wake up my eyes. What’s excellent about Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara is that it's really light—the brand actually explains the formula is made using “aero-particles” which is apparently a material derived from space technology. While I can’t deny or confirm this, I can say it feels like nothing on the lashes.

The long, plastic comb wand also lends itself really well to application. The bristles separate each lash, and it’s easy to get into the inner corners. And because it's plastic, the product easily distributes evenly (i.e. no clumps).

The Results: Impressive length and weightless volume

Reviewed: Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara Seriously Lifts Lashes (2)

What’s interesting about Benefit's Bad Gal Bang mascara is that it’s touted as a volumizing formula, but I really think it’s better at lengthening and defining. It definitely does give volume, but it pulls lashes upwards and out, to the point where they were basically kissing the inner lens of my sunglasses.It didn’t flake or smudge (even when I wore it on a run) but removed well enough with an oil cleanser.

The Value: Not too bad

Benefit is definitely not a drugstore beauty brand, but doesn’t feel hyper luxurious either. Instead, the price point sits somewhere in between. $26 for a mascara isn’t the most affordable deal you'll find out there, but it isn’t unreasonable either. It does what it says as well, so I’d be happy to pay for it.

Similar Products: You've got options

Gucci Beauty Mascara L'Obscur: This luxury buy ($35) is more than just a cute tube—the product inside is all kinds of wonderful, justifying the price. The rigid comb wand is excellent at separating each lash, and the formula is rich and long-wearing.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Push Up Lashes Volumizing & Lengthening Mascara: If length and volume are what you're after, this option ($29) from Charlotte Tilbury is for you. The wand is slightly fuller and allows for a bit more product, meaning more voluminous lashes.

Saie Mascara 101 Lengthening and Lifting: If you want lightness and lift but a more natural finish, Saie’s Mascara 101 ($24) is a great option. It separates and slightly curls the lashes, resulting in a soft, feathery look.

Final Verdict

While I wouldn’t go so far as to say the Benefit Bad Gal Bang Mascara is one of the best I’ve ever used, it is pretty amazing. It lifts and lengthens, slightly volumizes, and has a rich black finish that lasts forever. I think it would be great for a dramatic eye look because it definitely won’t flake, smudge, or weigh your eyelids down.

A Makeup Artist's Review of Benefit's They're Real Mascara

Reviewed: Benefit's Bad Gal Bang Mascara Seriously Lifts Lashes (2024)
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