Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (2024)

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MoverOfEarth Feb 28 2024 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (1)

  • Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (2) 1 Chasmal Fires

  • Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (3) 2 Discarnate

  • Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (4) 3 Astral Mariner

Atmospheric black metal masterpiece.

It has impeccable atmosphere that make the whole thing feel very grandiose. It almost feels like listening in a massive theater, and the vocals, with their seemingly low quality effect are executed perfectly emphasize the apocalypse. The riffs are varies, there is a good variety in type, but there is one specific on in the first song that is just amazing. But just generally overall so many great stand out and MEMORABLE riffs. Great use of not typical metal instruments that are added in a very cohesive way. Best of all, the album barely dips at all. Highly recommend, did not expect to like this so much. Funnily enough this was my first shot at rym's auto recommendations, may try again.



One of The Top 3 Black Metal Albums I've Heard

Where do i even begin with this album?

When i just happened across this album around 3 months ago, i never would have guessed this would become one of my all time favourite pieces of art.

To preface, this was one of the first black metal releases i would listen to in it's entirety in my life. I don't think any metal album has sucked me into it this hard and so fast. (except Ashen Eidolon by Gallowbraid)

So what makes this album so good to me? Firstly let me start by saying that i've been suffering with depression and other mental illnesses for almost my entire life and the soundscape of this album just puts me in a more peaceful (i swear i breathe more freely when i play this album during especially bad bouts of depression) and sombre state of mind. The repeating guitar riffs and the consistent but at times groovy drums fit the mood perfectly when going for quiet night-time walks in the city and the almost drowned out and pained sounding vocals fit my usual mental state while on said walks perfectly.

The feel of the album is rooted in melancholy and sorrow, but there is a glimmer of hopefulness in many of the sections on the album and listening to this along with Torn Beyond Reason by Woods of Desolation has really helped me during times of mental struggle. So i tell you, if you're ever feeling down, this album will probably help with that, even if just a little bit.

Thank you Joe for making such an amazing piece of art.

First listened to on 16.7.2023


davewave May 06 2023 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (6)

Starting to think melodic metal just isn't really my thing. The beautiful piano lends itself well to juxtaposition with the heavier textures and the setup is undeniably intriguing, but once the album settles into its groove the dynamics and memorability tank, only further hampered by the epic track lengths that all too often feel like aimless wandering.

Listened 5/4/23


Hanthomi Feb 17 2023 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (7)

A drab, uninspired atmospheric black metal record indistinguishable from the literal thousands that have come before it.


rushshirt Feb 07 2023 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (8)

Exceptionally well-produced and personal. Its three lengthy tracks flow together and never fall into monotony.


barrybonds4052 Dec 07 2022 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (9)

Some Of The Most Beautiful Metal I've Ever Heard

As someone who isn’t too well-versed in black metal, I came in here with zero expectations. Maybe the expectation that it would be sort of like Burzum or Trhä since it’s atmospheric?

Well… kinda, it’s more than that.

This is a completely different experience than either of those bands. This is more symphonic & has hints of doom in it, which made it more accessible for me.

The grandiosity of the whole thing is unreal, especially the near 28 minute opener “Chasmal Fires”. It’s by far the most stunning black metal piece out there & one of the most stunning metal pieces period. It has an epic sound to it while still retaining the rawness & energy that black metal is known for.

Oh yeah, these songs are monsters. There’s only 3 across this 64 minute long project. I wonder how the drummer can sustain playing like they do through the insane durations these songs. The shortest one is just under 14 minutes, crammed right in between 2 20+ minute beasts. While these songs are demanding, it’s hard to lose focus.

My only gripe is that the songs have the same basic formula to them. That being said, it’s done differently for each song & the formula is a great one.




bruno_zg Jul 02 2022 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (10)

f*ck! Ethereal Shroud continues to deliver some really compelling and excellently made black metal. This is hitting really good right now, can't wait for more.


Mr_Musiek Apr 21 2022 Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (11)

Powerful and intense

Honestly a very moving album, this style of vocals amongst the absolutely chaotic instrumentals is very striking to me - like all black/doom metal is. I really like the lyricism here as well. It's just a great album, highly recommended. (Unless you're new to metal. Might not be your cup of tea yet).


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Trisagion by Ethereal Shroud - RYM/Sonemic (2024)
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