LEVEL 9: LIVING QUARTERS - Tomb Raider 2 and TR2 Remastered Walkthrough (2024)

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Updated: 4/26/24()

Secrets: 3 Pickups: 16, including 1 key and 3 secrets Kills: 21

NOTE: The number of pickups includes the three dragon statuettes and the items awarded for finding all three secrets. Also, the regular pickups in this level will include the HARPOON GUN, AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, SHOTGUN, and UZIS if you didn't get them earlier.

LEVEL MAP by VGCartography (used with permission)

Living Quarters Video Walkthrough by Eldincy

OBJECTIVES: Swim into a new section of the sunken ship: engine room. Make your way through a series of side areas, including a room with lit burners, to the top of the engine room. Use a switch here to flood the burner room so you can swim through it to a previously unreachable area. Continue through another underwater cave to yet another passenger area. Locate the Theater Key and use it to enter—you guessed it—the theater! Press a button here to flood a pit in one of the previous passenger areas. Return there and swim across to the next level.

SEAFLOOR: You begin underwater where you left off a moment ago. Swim through the metal arch and around to the left. Pull the lever on the wall beside the archway (screenshot) to open a trapdoor in the ship's hull. Roll and swim away from the lever and up through the trapdoor. (screenshot)

SHIP'S HULL/ENGINE ROOM: Climb into the ship and shoot the guy with the club (1) who approaches from the far end of the room. Take his small medi pack (1) and go through the doorway he came from. You're now in the Maria Doria's engine room. The tall pillars seem to be giant pistons. Turn left, go to the far end of the room, vault onto the low ledge and then climb onto the high wall. The camera shifts here to draw your attention to the switch in the alcove above, but you can't reach it yet. Hop down on the other side of the room.

Enter the rusty metal passageway ahead and follow it through several twists and turns. When you come to the spot where you have to drop down into a lower passageway, pull out your weapons and proceed cautiously to draw out 2 bad guys (2-3) one at a time. The first has a wrench, the second a gun. Kill them and take their harpoons and automatic pistol clips (2-3). Do not run forward to the end of the hall yet or Lara will be squashed by rolling barrels that approach from the left.

NOTE: If you've been asleep at the controls and don't already have the HARPOON GUN and AUTOMATIC PISTOLS, you'll get them here instead of ammo.

Run forward toward the wall to trigger the rolling barrels and then hop back into the hallway. Draw weapons and stay alert. As the barrels land in the doorway another bad guy (4) rushes in and tries to club Lara. (screenshot) Put him down. Then jump over the barrels and enter the room on the left. More barrels roll down the right side of the ramp, but you can easily avoid them.

BURNER ROOM: Note the lever high on the wall next to where you came in. It opens the door on the opposite side of the room, but you can't reach it yet. For now, go to the top of the ramp and face the first burner. Take a running jump to grab the horizontal shelf that runs along above the burners. Traverse to the right, drop down on the other side of the burners and pull the switch here to turn off the flames. (screenshots)

Climb into the opening to the left of the switch. In the small room above, climb the short ladder and follow the passageway to a room with a switch. Pull it to change the positions of the pistons back in the ENGINE ROOM. Drop down through the opening in the floor into the rusty passageway connecting the ENGINE ROOM and BURNER ROOM and return to the engine room.

ENGINE ROOM (again): Now that you've moved the pistons you can make your way across them. Start by climbing onto the ledge at the end of the room. Walk to the edge and take a standing jump to grab the first piston; pull up. (You can see that switch off to the left again, but you can't reach it from here. So ignore it for now.) Walk to the edge of the first piston and take a standing jump to grab the second piston; pull up. Take a running jump over the third piston to grab the edge of the fourth and pull up. A thug with a shotgun (5) is waiting in the room at the end. You can probably take him out from here. If you don't see him right away, try hanging from the front edge of the piston to get his attention, then pull up and start shooting.

Notice SECRET #1, the Silver Dragon (4) in the alcove on the right. To reach it, take a running jump from the fourth piston to the right side of the alcove. Or, jump over to the doorway and then taking a running jump from there to grab the alcove and then pull up. Pick up the statuette and save the game before taking another running jump from the alcove to grab the doorsill. This jump can be a little tricky. If you miss, it's easier to reload than to climb all the way back across the pistons. Finish off that thug (5) if you didn't do so earlier. Then steal his automatic pistol clips (5) and continue along the hallway. (screenshots)

LEVEL 9: LIVING QUARTERS - Tomb Raider 2 and TR2 Remastered Walkthrough (1)HALLWAY WITH MOVABLE BLOCKS: Follow the passageway until you come to a dead end with a movable block. (The following sequence is illustrated in the diagram at right and in this series of screenshots.) (1) Push the block as far as it goes (three times). You'll reveal a hole in the floor on the left leading down into the room below and a second opening, also on the left, a little farther on. Enter the second opening and go around the corner to find another movable block. (2) Push this block once. (3) Return to the first block, and pull it back out twice. Jump across the hole in the floor into the hallway near the second block and go to the right. In the area behind the first block you'll find 2 boxes of shotgun shells (6-7).

NOTE: If you don't yet have the SHOTGUN, you'll get it here.

BUG NOTE: In some versions of the game there is no first movable block in this hallway. Instead, you can walk right up to the alcove with the shotgun shells and take them. Be sure to move the second block, though, so you can climb back up after dropping into the room with the piston switch.

Drop down to the room below and flip the switch again so it's now in the up position. This moves the pistons back to their original configuration. (Do not drop down through the hole in the floor. If you do, you'll need to return through the BURNER ROOM, and climb up through the switch room to reach the hallway with the movable blocks again.) Instead climb back up into the hallway where you moved the blocks. Turn around, jump across the hole in the floor and follow the hallway back to the doorway above the ENGINE ROOM. (Again, check the screenshots if necessary.)

Jump across the pistons again to the other side: Begin by take a standing jump from the edge of the doorsill to land on the first piston. Walk to the opposite edge and take another standing jump to grab the edge of the second piston; pull up. Then take a running jump over the third piston to grab the edge of the fourth and pull up. Turn right to face the alcove with the switch. Save the game and set up the next running jump carefully, since it's easy to miss: Walk to the outer left corner of the piston, aim for the right side of the alcove, hop back once and then take the running jump to grab the edge of the alcove. Pull up and throw the switch to flood the BURNER ROOM and rearrange the pistons once more. (screenshots)

Lara can safety drop to the floor from this ledge if she has full health. To get down without injury, take a running jump to the fourth piston, which is now lower than it was before. Then safety drop to the angled surface below and slide down to the floor. Follow the rusty passageway back toward the BURNER ROOM. The part of the passageway where you killed the bad guys before is now flooded. Hop into the water and swim into the room.

FLOODED BURNER ROOM: Now that it's underwater, you can reach the lever just inside on the right (i.e., above and to the left of the entrance if you turn around to face it). (screenshot) If you need air, head for the opening in the ceiling of the little room to the left of the lever (i.e., above the switch you pulled to turn off the burners). Fill Lara's air meter then swim back into the burner room and straight across to the door you just opened. Otherwise, immediately after pulling the lever, roll and swim through the door and down through an opening in the floor.

UNDERWATER CAVE: Harpoon the scuba diver (6) lurking here or, if Lara's air is running out, head for the opening in the ceiling of the cave just beside the one where you entered. (It's on the left as you enter and on the right if you swim into the cave and then turn around, as Lara has done in this screenshot.) Take a deep breath and then finish off the diver.

Swim past the hunk of rusted metal on the bottom and into the cave opening in the rocks ahead. Turn left and swim forward, hugging the left wall to avoid the giant eel lurking on the right. Like the yellow eels, this one can't be killed, so we treat it as a hazard. Pull the lever to open the trapdoor in the ceiling just outside this cave. Roll, swim out along the right wall to avoid the eel, and then head up to the ceiling and re-enter the ship through the trapdoor you just opened. (screenshots)

ROOM WITH HUGE GEARS AND RAISED DUCTS: There's a thug with a gun (7) standing on the blue duct on the far side of the room. (screenshot) Try to kill him before proceeding.

A simple shortcut may enable you to skip over the next bit of business. Take a standing jump up onto the raised walkway running along the middle of the room. Move toward the switch but stop on the silver grating three squares from it. Turn right and walk to the edge. Sidestep to the right side of the grating. Then take a standing jump from that spot to grab the blue duct ahead. Pull up. Follow the duct up to the end and take a running jump into the doorway with the wood paneling. If this works, you can skip down to the section on PASSENGER AREAS without missing a pickup. (screenshots)

If you're unable to grab the duct or just enjoy climbing around and pulling switches, use this longer route: Take a standing jump up onto the raised walkway running along the middle of the room. Head for the right end of the walkway and pull the switch to open the door at the other end. Just inside this door are 2 switches. These raise a pair of hinged ledges on the opposite side of the room. They are timed, but it's a fairly slow timer, so there's no need to panic. To get across, pull the switch nearer to the door, press Look, side flip to the left, pull the second switch and press Look again. Then roll and take a running jump across the room to grab one of the hinged platforms. Without pausing, traverse to the right above a pit lined with broken glass to a solid ledge where you can pull up. (screenshots)

Here you'll find another switch. Pull it to lower another hinged ledge back in the room with the ducts. This one is not timed. Drop to the floor, cross the room to the low ramp and use it to climb onto the ledge with the switches. Return through the door to the previous room.

Cross to the far left corner of the room. Now that you've lowered the hinged ledge here, you can use the angled metal blocks for a boost to the shelf above: Stand facing the lower angled block in the corner. Step back until Lara bumps into the block behind her. Then jump forward onto the first slope. Continue holding the Jump and Action buttons and Lara will backflip onto the higher block, spring forward and grab the high ledge ahead. Pull up, turn around, and take a running jump over the gap where the hinged ledge was. (screenshots)

Walk along the duct to the top, where you'll find a movable box. Pull the box to the right so you can then hop around behind it. Drop and hang from the duct where the box was, traverse left and pull up. (screenshot) Turn around and take a standing jump to grab the ledge ahead. Pull up and follow the dark passageway to the end, slide down the ramp on the right and proceed along the top of the ducts until you can jump across into the doorway with the wood paneling. (screenshot)

PASSENGER AREAS: Follow the wood-paneled hallway until you come to a small room. Another evil plumber (8) emerges from the first side passage on the right. Kill him and then enter the passage he came from. Here you'll find SECRET #2, the Gold Dragon (8), in a glass-lined pit. Stand at the edge of the opening facing the dragon and press Action + Roll to hop down and land just beyond the glass. Or, stand at the edge of the pit and jump to grab the opening above. Pull up into a small, dark room. Run over the breakaway tile to collapse it and then safety drop through the hole to land near the dragon. Now retrieve your prize, walk through the glass and climb out of the pit. (screenshots)

Go around the corner to the right and follow the uneven, wooden passageway to the top of a slope. Slide and jump to clear the breakaway tiles with glass shards below. Notice the haunting music...notice the Jade Dragon on the sea bottom outside the window.

Continue to a wet place on the floor. There are 2 barracudas (9-10) here. One you should be able to kill right off with pistols. Then wade into the water, avoiding the breakaway tiles for now. Try to shoot the second barracuda through the tiles. When the fish floats to the surface, it's safe to take a swim. Step on the tiles to break them. Then swim out through the tunnel to get SECRET #3, the Jade Dragon (9) and a bonus of 4 sets of M16 clips (10-13) if you've found the other secrets as well. Swim back into the ship the way you came. (screenshots)

ROOM WITH UNEVEN, ANGLED FLOORS: Vault up into the next room which has a sloping wooden floor. Jump onto the breakaway tile between the two angled blue columns. This time there's nothing nasty below. After the tiles break, jump out on the other side. Step up onto the wooden shelf on the right and turn to face the low, blue wall ahead. Position Lara about 3 steps from the slope to her left. Side flip left onto that slope, slide and jump to grab the edge of the wall ahead. Traverse to the right until you can pull up onto the blue wall. (screenshots)

Hop down on the other side of the wall and exit through the doorway ahead on the right. Follow the passageway until you can hop down and enter the next room.

THEATRE LOBBY: Enter this garishly decorated room and kill the goon with the gun (12) on the landing to your right. Head up the ramp to the next room, and take out another armed baddie (12) in the black-and-white tiled area below and to the left. (screenshot) Don't go over the railing yet. First head for the back of the red-carpeted area with the gold sofas and pull the movable box to open up a hallway on the other side of the box. (screenshot)

Now jump over the railing into the black-and-white tiled area. Go forward into the area on the left with the skinny columns and kill the 2 thugs (13-14) that emerge. Drop into the pit, locate the wooden crate on the left. Pull it out, then climb on top to shoot another thug with a gun (15) who appears on the ledge above. When he's dead, go behind the box and pick up the THEATRE KEY (14). (screenshot)

Climb out of the pit and go back around the corner toward the railing and wooden crate. Enter the corridor to the left of the crate (screenshot) and follow it past a set of locked glass doors to a small room with more gold sofas. Kill the guy with the club (16) who comes down the stairs ahead. Then backtrack to the glass doors and use the key in the lock to open them. Enter the theatre.

NOTE: If you didn't move the box blocking the hallway to the theater earlier, you can do it now. Use the wooden crate in the black-and-white tiled room to jump over the railing onto the raised walkway where you entered this area. Now go to the left past the gold sofas to find the movable box. Pull it once (screenshot) to open up the hallway on the other side. Jump back over the railing to the lower level and find the now open hallway on the right.

THE THEATRE: Upon entering the theater, you can go to the left or right. I found it easier to go right. There are several enemies waiting inside. One baddie (17) heads up the steps to meet you. There are 2 more thugs (18-19) on box seats up on the right. (screenshot) You can shoot one of them from below. Then climb into the box and kill the other. Pick up some Uzi clips (15).

NOTE: The enemies in this area may appear in a slightly different order than I described. Occasionally the guy with the wrench mentioned in the next paragraph will be triggered early and attack as you enter. I'm not sure why this happens. So if you meet 2 enemies on the floor and 2 in the box, you shouldn't meet a fifth. Also, if you don't yet have the UZIS, you'll get them instead of clips from the gunman in the box.

Use the switch in the theatre box to open the curtain on the stage. (screenshot) A guy with a wrench (20) is waiting behind the curtain, so take him out, then pull the movable crate under the opening so you can climb up. Drop down into the room behind and go to the far end, jumping across the pit lined with glass shards. Press the button to flood the pit where you found the THEATRE KEY earlier.

Head back there now: Jump back across the glass-lined pit, climb out of this area and go back out onto the stage. Exit the theater through the doors at the back. On the way, you'll meet another guy with a shotgun (21). Shoot him and take his shotgun shells (16). Then continue through the red-carpeted hallway back to the black-and-white tiled area. Swim across the flooded pit and climb into the doorway to end the level.

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UPDATE HISTORY: 1/16/11 - First major update since this walkthrough was created in 1998. This revision includes many new screenshots as well as various other corrections and clarifications.
12/1/13 - Added "objectives" section for each level.
2/5/24 - Added VGCartography's level maps, with permission. Visit VGCartography on DeviantArt for high-res versions, and follow on Twitter/X and YouTube for more fantastic game maps.
4/26/24 - Added sequential kill and item counts, which will hopefully be helpful for both the classic and remastered versions. More remaster updates coming eventually. Thanks for your patience.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Special thanks are given to the participants in the alt.games.tombraider newsgroup, without whom some parts of this walkthrough couldn't have been written. Thanks also to Adrian C., Dan and Prutger for their help with this level.

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LEVEL 9: LIVING QUARTERS - Tomb Raider 2 and TR2 Remastered Walkthrough (2024)
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