How to Spot Fake StockX Tags (2024)

How to Spot Fake StockX Tags (1)

When you buy an item on StockX, it always comes with the recognizable green tag attached. The tag says “Verified” and “Authentic,” which is precisely what the company guarantees for the product you’ve purchased.

The StockX tag carries a lot of weight in terms of legitimacy, and that’s why there are a lot of fake tags floating around on the market.

This is a cause for concern, but there are ways you can spot the fake tag if you know what to look for. We’re going to show you exactly what to focus on to spot a fake StockX tag.

The StockX Tag Placement

The verification process at StockX is quite elaborate, and sellers have to send the items to StockX first, so it’s unlikely to receive a fake tag directly from StockX.

The problem occurs if you’re buying sneakers or other items from elsewhere with the StockX tag attached. It could be that someone bought the sneakers from StockX but wants to resell them elsewhere. Or, it could also have been added to pass off a knock-off as real.

If there are images attached, the first thing to look for is which shoe holds the tag. If you immediately notice that the tag is on the right shoe, that means that it’s fake. StockX only ever places the tag on the left sneaker, and it’s one of their rules.

So, if it’s on the right shoe, you don’t need to be looking for other clues at all. With streetwear, it’s a bit more complicated, though.

In most cases, fake or real, the StockX tag will be attached to the original shirt or hoodie tag too. That’s why you need to dig a little deeper to make sure it’s real.

How to Spot Fake StockX Tags (2)

The Shade of Green

Everyone knows that the StockX tag is green, but fake and real tags have some differences in hue. In fact, phony tags might have all different shades of green, while the real one will always have the same color.

If you already have a real StockX tag in your possession, it might be easier to identify the fake just by comparison. Even in pictures, you can spot the difference. But when you hold it in your hand, the color difference becomes much more apparent.

The String

Another relevant comparison is the piece of string from which the tag hangs. There are several ways you can use the string as the indicator if the tag is fake. The first is also the color.

The real StockX string is also green, but it has a somewhat yellowish undertone. One of the common StockX tags has a string that has a distinctive shamrock shade of green.

Another way to use the string as authentication is to check if the string can be put together or not. The real string doesn’t have the ability to connect and disconnect, and it can only be cut.

The StockX Tag Letters

As the real StockX tags have big, bold, white letters that say “Verified” and “Authentic,” it’s not surprising that this is where most of the imitation tags trip up.

The quality of paint used on authentic StockX tags is much better than anything used on low-budget fake tags. Almost inevitably, fake tags will feature chipped white paint and certain messiness about them.

The original StockX tags have premium paint that doesn’t chip easily. The letters are also a bit longer on the real tags and have a more prominent texture.

Also, keep in mind that the genuine StockX tag is somewhat thinner than most fake ones. This might not be easy to spot in the pictures, but it might be enough to raise suspicion from certain angles.

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The QR Code

Every StockX tag comes with a QR code on the reverse. If you find yourself in possession of a StockX tag that you suspect might be counterfeit, you can use your smartphone to scan it.

The real tag will yield a code that the company uses to identify a particular brand and model of sneakers or another item. A fake tag QR code is likely to just redirect you to the StockX website.

The StockX Card

When you receive a package from StockX, they always attach a thank you card that tells you more about shipping and selling via StockX.

This card is usually the same green color as the tag, but StockX has been known to use black cards too. However, fake cards are often always black. They have slightly different dimensions than the real card too. They’re usually longer and narrower.

The StockX Receipt

You probably don’t even check the StockX receipt that always comes inside the package. One of the telltale signs of a fake receipt is a hand signature of the StockX CEO, which is something you’ll never see on the real receipt.

Also, the original receipt uses a thermal printer, and the format is quite distinctive and not easy to replicate. Overall, fake receipts often look like something you could have made on your home printer in five minutes.

How to Spot Fake StockX Tags (4)

Only Buying the Real Deal

The StockX tag is not something that you can buy anywhere else. If you run into a website or store that sells StockX tags in bulk, that probably means that everything else they’re selling is also fake.

Also, if you’re buying items with the StockX tag from other sellers, the absence of high-quality pictures from all angles is a bad sign, and you wouldn’t want to make that purchase unless you’re using a payment method that allows chargeback, such as your credit cards. Before the purchase, check the letters and paint and where the tag is attached.

Would you know how to a spot fake StockX tag? Let us know in the comments section below.

How to Spot Fake StockX Tags (2024)
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