Two Step Verification (2024)

What is Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification (TSV) helps keep your StockX account secure from unauthorized access by asking you to verify your identity with an automated text to your cell phone after you sign into your account. This keeps your information safe and protects you from fraudulent activity.

Why should I use Two-Step Verification?

Two-Step Verification dramatically improves the security of your account and personal information on StockX. By enabling Two-Step Verification, you can ensure that the only way to access your account is with your StockX password and your cell phone, which gives you more control over your account access and can alert you of unauthorized login attempts utilizing your password.

How do I enable Two-Step Verification?

You can enable Two-Step Verification by going to the Security tab of your StockX account and clicking the “Turn On” button at the top of that page. Once you opt in, you will be prompted to enter your cell phone number. StockX will then send a random 6-digit code to the number you provide, which you will enter into the display prompt on the Security tab to finalize Two-Step Verification.

Do I need to update my mobile app to enable Two-Step Verification?

To enableTwo-Step Verification through your mobile app, it’s best to use the most updated version of the iOS or android app. Without updating your mobile app, you can enable Two-Step Verification through the web.

If you activate Two-Step Verification through the web and do not update your mobile app, you will still have to pass Two-Step Verification when logging in on mobile, but won’t have access to configure its settings.

Can I change the number used to verify my identity for Two-Step Verification?

Yes. To change the number used to verify your account, go to the Security tab in your account settings and disable Two-Step Verification. After disabling Two-Step Verification, you can re-enable it to enter a new number.

Will I have to verify my device every time I log in to StockX?

As part of the process, you can choose to "remember" a device for up to 30 days. When you remember a device, it will then not be subject to Two-Step Verification for 30 days. You will need to re-verify this device every 30 days.

How many devices can I remember for Two-Step Verification?

You can only remember one device at a time. So if you use both the mobile app and web version of StockX, you will only be able to remember one device.You can choose to remember either your cell phone or your computer.

Will activating Two-Step Verification Sign me out of StockX on my other devices?

Activating Two-Step Verification on one device will not log you out on any other device with which you are currently signed in. After logging out on those devices, you will be prompted with Two-Step Verification on your next login attempt.

What if I don't have my cell phone when signing in after enabling Two-Step Verification?

When you enable Two-Step Verification, you will also be provided with a recovery code that will allow you to gain access to your account if you cannot find your trusted device. This code will grant you access to your account.

You will not be able to access your account unless you possess at least one of these two Two-Step Verification methods.

Note: Keep your security code in a safe place, as it is the only way to get into your account if you don't have your trusted device.

What happens if I lose my security code?

If you lose your recovery code, you will need to contact StockX Support to have it replaced. Please be prepared to supply a valid form of government ID as part of this process.

Can I disable Two-Step Verification?

Yes. Simply go to the Security tab of your StockX account and you can toggle Two-Step Verification off by clicking the “Turn Off” button. Prior to turning off Two-Step Verification, you will be prompted one final time to verify your identity.

Can I use Two-Step Verification without receiving SMS messages?

Two-Step Verification is only supported through SMS (text message) at this time.

What should I do if I can't log in after enabling Two-Step Verification, even with my security code?

If you can’t log in with your SMS code, try your recovery code. If that doesn’t work, please Contact Usby clicking the "Contact Us" button at the bottom of the Help Center page (or down below). Please be prepared to provide your official government ID.

Two Step Verification (2024)
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