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Leeds is certain that Layla will be his forever love when he meets her. But Layla’s unexpected attack leaves her fighting for her own life. Layla is able to recover after several weeks in hospital. However, emotional and mental scars have left Leeds with a woman he fell in love. Leeds takes Layla back to where they first met. Layla’s demeanor changes once they get there. This is just one of many strange events.

Leeds feels distant from Layla and soon finds comfort in Willow, another guest at the B&B with whom he shares his concerns. His curiosity for Willow increases and his desire to help Layla find the answers puts him in conflict with Layla. Leeds quickly realizes that he must make a decision because he cannot help them both. It could end up being bad for everyone if you make a wrong decision.

About “Layla”

What a wonderful book! It’s amazing that I still have nightmares about Colleen Hoover’s Layla. The author seems to be looking for new genres and wants to expand her writing abilities. Verity, her mystery novel, was published last year and reached number one on GoodReads. Layla is her latest book and offers suspenseful and addictive romance.

Colleen Hoover’s Layla is the story of Leeds, a guitarist who meets Layla at Layla’s sister’s wedding. It’s a hostel. Layla caught his eye while he was playing in the band. He falls madly in love when that happens.

Layla is outgoing, smiley and full of wild ideas. This is exactly what Leeds loves about Layla.

I have never desired more in a girl’s head than Layla. Your mind is not like other minds. There is no filter between the brain and your mouth and no conscience telling your mind that you should feel guilty about what you have said. She says it unapologetically, without regrets. Even when his words hurt.

Layla suffers a terrible attack that leaves her with a major personality shift. Her boyfriend is the one most affected by this. Layla isn’t the same Layla was before. To make her smile again he takes her back to the place they first met. Layla’s sister was married in the hostel almost one year ago.

They both begin to feel the effects of that place and Layla’s vacation becomes a nightmare. This is when Willow and Leeds meet.

Because of this, all grace in the book has been lost. I don’t want to keep counting. It was very mentally draining.

Layla and Leeds are the couple I love. It’s almost as if Layla is the perfect complement to Leeds and vice versa.

Layla made me feel that way. It was almost like Layla let all the air out of my life, even though I didn’t know I was being suffocating.

What is Colleen Hoover’s greatest asset? His origins are from the books. Layla’s very first sentence is quite sinister. That’s what I love the most.

“I placed two layers of ducttape over Layla’s mouth, before I went downstairs. But, I can still hear Layla gasp as the detective sits at the table.”

After reading the synopsis, I knew that Layla and Leeds were a couple. So I was a little confused when I read that. I don’t know who would do this to their partner, let alone to their friend.

Later, I discovered that the book is told in two distinct times. The present is where Leeds tells Leeds everything. The other is the story that he is telling. It is just a normal story. The book continues in this fashion until the past is linked with the present, and all of it follows the same thread.

Layla, from Colleen Hover? It was simply amazing. It was amazing. I read the entire book trying to understand what was going on, why, and how it was happening.

It was almost as if they had just put the last piece of the puzzle in and everything clicked. That moment made me rethink the entire book. I thought, Colleen Hoover has done this again. It left me speechless.

It isn’t available in Spanish but I don’t know why so many books by this author aren’t translated into our language. I recommend you give it a chance. It is a quick read that’s addictive and packed with twists and turns.

This book is my first time reading suspense. Although the first chapters felt a little flat and dense, once the story starts, it is easy to read the entire book in a matter of minutes.

This book is highly recommended. Layla by Colleen Hoover was amazing. It will make you speechless.

“Perhaps we can have our destiny dictated by what we want.”

Review: Layla By Colleen Hoover - Chris Bookarama (2)

Review: Layla By Colleen Hoover - Chris Bookarama (2024)
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