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Why the best money market rates matter

Your funds grow faster in a high yield account. The average money market rate is a fraction of apercent, while the best money market accounts earn rates that are many times higher.

What is the difference between a money market account and a standard savings account?

A savings account is a type of deposit account offered by a financial institution that typically earns interest. A money market account is also a type of deposit account, but it typically requires a higher minimum balance.

MMAs have traditionally earned higher interest rates compared to standard savings accounts, though recently some high-yield savings accounts have been offering better returns.

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Some MMAs come with a debit card or checks — but institutions may require that they not be used more than about six times per month.

A high-interest savings account earns attractive rates, but typically does not have debit card or check-writing access. However, savings accounts generally have similar restrictions for some types of withdrawals, such as online transfers.

The main reason to open a money market account is to have a higher interest rate compared to a traditional savings or checking account, while also having the ability to write a few checks.

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Are the best money market accounts insured?

Yes, as long as they are deposit accounts that come from a bank or credit union that is federally insured. You can find federally insured accounts at traditional brick and mortar banks and online banks. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. insures deposits up to at least $250,000. If the account is with a credit union, the account will likely be federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration, also up to at least $250,000.

If a bank or credit union were to fail and go out of business, you would not lose the money you have in the money market account, up to the insured amount. Note that this is different from funds held in money market mutual funds, which are not federally insured.

» Want to know more about how your money is protected? Read how FDIC and NCUA insurance programs work.

The difference between a money market account and a money market mutual fund

A money market account is a federally insured account that earns interest. A money market mutual fund, on the other hand, is an investment in short-term debt. It is considered low risk but doesn't have a guaranteed return.

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Top savings options

These days, there isn’t always much difference between the rates paid by money market accounts and the best savings accounts. If you don’t need checks or a debit card, you might consider one of these federally insured accounts, which also pay great rates.

  • Bask Interest Savings Account, 5.10% APY (read full review).

  • LendingClub High-Yield Savings, 5.00% APY (read full review).

  • Capital One 360 Performance Savings, 4.25% APY (read full review).

8 Best Money Market Accounts (up to 5.30%) - NerdWallet (2024)


Where can I get 7% interest on my money? ›

Why Trust Us? As of June 2024, no banks are offering 7% interest rates on savings accounts. Two credit unions have high-interest checking accounts: Landmark Credit Union Premium Checking with 7.50% APY and OnPath Credit Union High Yield Checking with 7.00% APY.

What is the best money market account right now? ›

Best Money Market Account Rates
  • Redneck Bank – 4.90% APY.
  • First Foundation Bank – 4.90% APY.
  • Sallie Mae Bank – 4.65% APY.
  • Prime Alliance Bank – 4.50% APY.
  • Presidential Bank – 4.37% APY.
  • EverBank – 4.30% APY.
  • BankUnited – 4.25% APY.
  • U.S. Bank – 4.25% APY.

What is the downside of a money market account? ›

Many accounts have monthly fees

Another drawback to remember is that while they have high yields, money market accounts can also come with cumbersome fees. Many banks and credit unions will impose monthly fees just for the upkeep of your account.

Which bank gives 7% interest monthly? ›

If you would like to save more each month, consider First Direct's 7% account.

Where to put $10,000 for best interest? ›

A stocks and shares ISA is likely to be most suitable. That is unless you will turn 55 within 30 years, in which case a pension might be a better tax wrapper for you. If you're unsure about the time horizon, you could invest in both a pension and a stocks and shares ISA.

Where can I get 10% interest? ›

Investments That Can Potentially Return 10% or More
  • Growth Stocks. Growth stocks represent companies expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to other companies. ...
  • Real Estate. ...
  • Junk Bonds. ...
  • Index Funds and ETFs. ...
  • Options Trading. ...
  • Private Credit.
Jun 12, 2024

Can I lose money in a money market account? ›

Since money market accounts are insured by the FDIC or the NCUA, you cannot lose the money you contribute to the account—even in the event of a bank failure. You can, however, be subject to fees and penalties that reduce your earnings.

What is better than a money market account? ›

Money market accounts offer flexibility with check-writing and debit cards, savings accounts are more accessible and have lower fees, and CDs offer higher interest rates but with a commitment to keep your money locked away for a set period of time. To make the best choice, consider your financial goals and situation.

What's the catch with a money market account? ›

They may come with the ability to pay bills, write checks and make debit card purchases. Disadvantages of money market accounts may include hefty minimum balance requirements and monthly fees — and you might be able to find better yields with other deposit accounts.

How to get $50,000 per month interest? ›

  1. 4 Proven Investment Opportunities To Earn 50K Per Month.
  2. Corporate Bonds.
  3. Securitised Debt Instruments (SDI)
  4. Fixed Deposits (FD)
  5. Dividend Income.
Feb 29, 2024

Which bank gives 8% interest? ›

Top 20 Scheduled Banks offering Best FD Rates
BanksHighest FD rate (% p.a.)Additional interest rate for senior citizens (% p.a.)
DCB Bank8.050.50
RBL Bank8.000.50
AU Small Finance Bank8.000.50
Induslnd Bank7.990.26-0.50
16 more rows

What is the best thing to do with a lump sum of money? ›

Put it in a bank account - If you think you'll be spending money, then you could just keep it in your regular bank account. Invest it - By investing your money you could allow it to potentially grow. Most investments, such as shares and funds, offer potential returns on your money over a longer term.

Which bank gives 7% interest rate? ›

Fincare Small Finance Bank savings account interest rates

The bank offers a 7% interest rate on balances above Rs 10 lakh to less than Rs 1 crore and a 7.25% interest rate on above Rs 1 crore to 5 crore on savings account balances.

Which bank gives 7% interest on CD? ›

What banks are offering 7% interest on CDs? Currently, no U.S. banks or credit unions are offering 7% APY on CDs. During August 2023, a few credit unions were offering 7% interest on CDs, but those were limited-time offers that are no longer available.

Which bank gives 7% interest in RD? ›

SBI offers Recurring deposits at interest rates of 6.50% to 7% p.a. to other depositors, and 7.35% to 7.5% to senior citizens with a minimum monthly deposit of ₹100. The tenure for SBI RD ranges from 1 year to 10 years. These rates are effective from December 27, 2023.

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